Private session

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation…

Tailor-made lesson

Even if the benefits of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation… in group classes are well established, real progress can only be achieved through diligent practice. The purpose of a private lesson is to accompany you:

– either in short-term coaching, to correct your personal practice, take stock of certain principles, etc.

– or in a long-term coaching with objectives and results at stake.

The advantage of a private lesson is to be able to target the class exactly according to your needs at the time. You therefore have total flexibility in practice, the possibility of working on the exercises you want and or creating your future routine with the help of the coach’s instructions.


Yoga is a method allowing access to a healthy lifestyle, both for the body and the mind. The objective of this multimillennial discipline is to transcend the world of suffering and to reach a state of permanent joy. The practice goes of course through the famous “postures”(asanas) but also through breathing exercises, meditation and above all through a state of general relaxation.

In Yoga, there is neither performance nor “perfection”, it is the process of returning to oneself thanks to the path of humility.



Created mostly from Yoga, Pilates is a gentle gym focused on perineal-abdo-pelvic strengthening. The practice consists of many short but dynamic exercises designed to strengthen your back, abdominal and hip muscles. Pilates is often recommended after childbirth, at menopause (women) but in general has now become a key answer to all back problems.

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