Authenticity • Simplicity • Gratitude

Colife is in search of quality and excellence. The center aims to offer the best and possible services, without expectations, in a spirit of devotion. It is love for human beings that guides us, beauty, but also sobriety and authenticity.

This is why we are committed to collaborating only with professional, experienced, passionate teachers / coaches who listen to others.

We also ask our partners to be consistent and therefore apply the philosophies they transmit.

Today, thanks to the confidence of the students and the unlimited investment of the founders and teachers, Colife has become a school renowned for its seriousness and the quality of its teaching.


Colife’s vision is a world in which human beings are considered in their physical, mental, emotional and psychic wholeness, with a differentiated approach respecting and celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each individual. Individuals are freed from all suffering and progress serenely in their personal development, to improve their daily lives and their lives.



Colife’s mission is to help and support anyone wishing to progress in their personal development, through the authentic transmission of fundamental disciplines for well-being. Colife seeks the best solutions for serenity and self-transcendence for each individual, and thus wishes to create and develop a community of autonomous, free and happy people.



I am Cédric


COLIFE is the culmination of a life path.

A spiritual awakening, a lot of stress and suffering led me to yoga. It was initially timidly that I started, then over the years, this discipline became completely integrated into my way of life.

Today, I simply pass on my experience, in all humility, through my yoga classes and training.

My greatest satisfaction is to feel useful, it is my only mission.

Cedric Abeck | Founder





Our offer

Group & Private classes

30 yoga and pilates classes each week, online registration without obligation. Total freedom of practice.

Yoga Teacher Training

A complete course allowing you to integrate all the tools of yoga and to become a teacher if you wish.

Hypnosis, Detox

Develop mental health through hypnosis and regain a healthy body through regenerative detoxification.

3 trial classes for 15 CHF each

Book your yoga and pilates classes today, without obligation!

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