Regenerative Detoxification

Dr. Morse’s Protocol

Detoxification assumes that the body is perfect in everything it does. “Diseases” therefore do not exist, there are only natural cleansing symptoms, misunderstood by the majority of the medical world.

Most physical (and even psychological) disorders are the consequence of the acidification of one or more parts of the human body (itself caused by an excessive accumulation of waste). Acids “eat away” and everyone understands that, except when they pass through a spoon or a fork!

Stress and diet are the two main acidifying factors.


Why detoxify ?

Because all the symptoms are due to the accumulation of waste products in the body.

The body is an extremely evolved and perfectly functioning machine. Its “dysfunctions” are the result of an overflow of toxins. These disrupt natural physiological processes and even damage cells and lead to degeneration.

How to detoxify ?


Getting out of chronic stress is essential to the healing process. Meditating allows you to find calm, to let go, to live in full consciousness.


The practice of Yoga helps to circulate the lymph and eliminate waste gently. Meditation brings peace of mind.


The cold baths alkalize and fight the states of inflammation of the body. This yogic habit has recently become famous thanks to Wim Hof.


In nature, any sick animal fasts spontaneously. Our body is made for this. Fasting increases life expectancy and above all improves health.


Plants support cell detoxification and strengthening. They are natural and have little or no side effects (in the right doses).


Fruit is the preferred diet of all large primates. It cleans, nourishes and hydrates the cells in depth. Ex. the cure of grapes, known for its benefits.

Benefits of Detox

  • Increased energy, vitality
  • More focus, clarity of mind
  • Well-being, inner peace
  • Reduction of pain
  • Flexibility, strength, tone
  • Elimination of chronic symptoms
  • Deep and restorative sleep

Cédric Abeck

After going around to doctors for “incurable” chronic symptoms, I decided to take myself into my own hands. I then discovered that the body is built to heal itself, when you let it. Nature has thought of everything.


    • Coach in Regenerative detoxification.
    • Trained by Dr. Morse USA.
    • 13 years of experience in detox.
    • 10 years of food experimentations.
    • Dry fasting and cold baths on weekly basis.


My journey

Despite myself, it was following a severe generalized exhaustion (burn-out) that I took the path of detoxification. 20 extra pounds, 1 year with a cold, 3 years of constipation, hemorrhoids and insomnia and 10 years of general fatigue…I felt like my body was dying.

I then focused on all the solutions coming from people who had recovered from “terminal cancer”. By simple logic, I told myself that if they were able to heal naturally and come back from this far, then these techniques must also work on me. There was an idea, it was a long journey. However, health is something so simple!

In 2013, I did the grape cure for 21 days. Extraordinary discovery and radical change, I regain my health. End of insomnia and constipation, return of energy! I then discover Arnold Ehret and “the mucus-free diet”; I switch to an exclusively frugivorous diet whenever possible.

After several months of fruit I feel that I am on the right track. Then come back and forth with old habits…it was too good! Health is holistic and it’s not just the body that needs to heal, it’s the mind, the emotions, the spiritual being, the consciousness first and foremost. I learn.

In 2017, I came across Dr. Morse’s videos and his message resonated strongly with me, it corresponded perfectly to my experience. So I trained with him and learned that regeneration is above all an art, the art of detoxification.

Finally, I discovered the importance of (quality) meat and animal products through the ketogenic diet.


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The detoxifying ability of plants has been known for thousands of years. Dr. Rober Morse (USA) has been using powerful, self-developed formulas for 50 years.

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What is detoxification ?

It is a process allowing the elimination of toxins and waste from the body.

Is Detox dangerous ?

No, however very intoxicated people must be careful not to detoxify too quickly as this would lead to violent healing crises.

Can anyone do a Detox?

Yes, but not at the same pace or at the same intensity. For extreme cases, it is essential to maintain medical monitoring.

Do you practice medecine ?

No, it is essential to understand that I am neither a Doctor nor a Physician but a hygienist/coach. All information under “regenerative detoxification” is here for informational purposes and invites you to use your common sense and your own experience. In no way do I “treat” or “cure” “diseases”. Moreover, these are incurable since they are not taken into account by detoxification.

Are you reimbursed by complementyry insurance?

By personal ethics, I do not want to participate in a system that takes away the responsibility of human beings for their health and makes them dependent on institutions. Our sessions are therefore not reimbursed by complementary insurance.

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