Studio rental

Our Yoga Pilates Studio is available for hire, outside of our group class hours.

All soft activities are welcome, with preference for those that are calm and or in synergy with our school.

Namely that we have all the equipment for massages, armchairs (hypnosis, coaching), chairs and of course all the small equipment for Yoga and Pilates (mats, balls, circles, weights etc.).


Our premises are in absolute calm, in the inner courtyard.

They also have the advantage of being very accessible, 1 minute walk from the bus stop. Parking spaces (blue, white) are available all around.



The places are simple: entrance, rooms, changing rooms. These include 1 toilet and 1 shower.

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The rental of our room is at the price of 30 CHF / hour.

Without any contract or commitment, you rent at your own pace as you wish.

Special conditions for long term rentals, for fixed slots.



Test studio rental without commitment

Not sure your course is working? No worries, you can rent the studio sporadically, according to your needs, without contractual limit.


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