Group classes

Yoga and Pilates at the studio or online

3 trail classes at 15 CHF each

Registration is done online and is totally free.

You come whenever you want to the courses of your choice.

All courses are without levels, open to everyone.

Each lesson has its own style and depends on the teacher’s experience, character and practice.

It is difficult to give information on “how is the course”. It is imperative to try for yourself and see which chemistry works best for you.

All teachers are fully competent, certified, motivated and committed.



All levels

Anti-stress activity par excellence. Work on postures, breathing, relaxation in a Zen environment. It is the best therapy to chase away all the annoyances that punctuate our daily lives.

To know more: Hatha Yoga

FAQ Yoga | Les bienfaits du Hatha Yoga 

Formation Vinyasa Flow et Power Yoga à Genève


All levels

Yoga class focused on synchronizing movements with breathing. Yoga postures chained to a steady rhythm, deep breaths.





Series 1 ashtanga vinyasa as taught by Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga yoga includes sequences of postures (“series”), maintained for 5 breaths.

This style is very dynamic and difficult for the uninitiated. It is necessary to be flexible (lotus) and to have sufficient strength in the arms.

This course is not recommended for beginners, unless you already have a very good physical level (strength + flexibility!).





All levels

Identical to Pranayama Yoga, Kundalini Yoga is the fourth stage of the yogic system (ashtanga). We still find the famous asanas (postures) but the movements are now linked to deep and specific breaths.

The practice can be static or dynamic, it all depends on the exercises. This course aims to circulate the prana and especially the Kundalini energy, to cleanse and awaken the chakras. Practicing often in the morning, Kundalini Yoga brings freshness and mental clarity that you will not be able to do without!


Formation Pilates Geneve Colife


Tous niveaux

Postural gym par excellence, Pilates is an approach focused on deep work of the abdominal, lumbar and pelvic muscles. The exercises are gentle but invigorating, done consciously and coordinated with the breath.

No preparation or special physical condition is required. This course is open to everyone, as much to those who wish to strengthen their body because of back pain, for example, as to sportsmen and high-level athletes.

All our teachers follow a traditional teaching, descending from the Josef Pilates lineage. The lessons are qualitative and fun at the same time. Pregnant women can practice according to their sporting history, but rarely beyond 3 -4 months, the majority of efforts focusing on the abdomen.


To know more: Les bienfaits du Pilates | FAQ Pilates



All levels

Rich and varied course including a pilates part and a yoga part. Very interesting practice allowing to obtain the benefits of both disciplines.

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