Endocrine gland and third eye chakra

Until a few years ago, science paid little attention to the pineal gland, its functions were poorly defined.

However, recent discoveries have made it possible to make serious hypotheses between paranormal phenomena and this gland.

Organ as small as a pea, with its pine cone shape, the pineal gland (which takes its name from the latter) is considered the seat of the third eye because it would have the same basic structures as the visual organs.

Physically, it is an endocrine gland that is located in the center of our brain. In particular, it plays an essential role in our interpretation and understanding of most circadian cycles, vital cycles such as sleep, as well as the control and regulation of sexual and reproductive activities.

Already, in the 17th century, Descartes believed that the human soul was located in the pineal gland because it had almost transcendental functions.

Early theories about the pineal gland

The pineal gland is made up of apatite crystals and these same crystals would vibrate according to electromagnetic waves, which would have many consequences in humans.

It is thought that this could explain certain paranormal phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance or even mediumship.

The pineal gland, which is also called epiphysis, however has well-defined biological functions such as the secretion of the hormone melatonin, the regulation of endocrine functions, the regulation of our sleep, an influence on our sexual development and would have also the ability to develop spiritual awakening as well as intuition.

The different visions

To understand what the pineal gland is, here are different views that shed some light.

Spritualist Doctrine

According to her, the pineal gland is simply the seat where the spiritual and mental life of every human being develops.

From the epiphysis, the ethereal body could freely express itself because this gland presides over the nervous phenomena of our emotivity, since it plays a role in our endocrine system.

Hindou Thinking

The pineal gland would be the essential organ of our whole organism: this gland would have 2 chakras which are responsible for our good development called extra-physical, namely that we would be beings capable of receiving and emitting vital energy . The so-called third eye chakra (Ajna Chakra), located on our face, at eye level, and the coronary chakra are intimately linked to the pineal gland.


The epiphysis is actually capable of picking up electromagnetic radiation that comes from both the moon and the sun.

It is also this gland, according to them, which stimulates our cerebral and physical activity but which also activates the production of sex hormones during puberty.

Some still think that the pineal gland could pick up electromagnetic probes not only from our dimension (corresponding to the 3rd dimension) but also from other dimensions of the universe (note that there are 11 different dimensions).

It would be a remarkable tool in the communication between these different dimensions. It is therefore normal that telepathy, clairvoyance and mediumship are subjects that come close to the functioning of this very special gland.

The Eye of Horus or Shiva

The Indians wear the red dot in the middle of their forehead in the same way as the Egyptians in Antiquity.

All these great civilizations are unanimous in designating the pineal gland as the seat of the third eye, the one that represents enlightenment.

This gland, as small as it is, is nevertheless hollow and is filled with a fluid which contains crystals. It would hold a significant amount of information on our past but also on our future, on the evolution of our soul and on our evolution.

The pineal gland, this eye of Horus acts like a sun for our body and it will magnetize every cell of our physical body. It is activated by light and allows us to control the different biological rhythms of our body. This gland works in conjunction with the hypothalamus to manage our hunger, thirst, sexual desire, sleep cycle, and melatonin secretion. When the pineal gland is activated, we often “undergo” very clear intuitions. Yoga, meditation, fasting and other esoteric practices can activate and master the famous third eye.



When the pineal gland is out of balance, symptoms are common and recognizable such as headaches, feeling like there is pressure in the sinuses and around the eyes, and being unable to stay focused or even manage stress.

When the pineal gland is poorly activated, the secretion of melatonin is disturbed and it happens that the hormones and the circadian rhythm as well as that of our sleep suffer repercussions.

You should know that the pineal gland is sensitive to light. But a balanced diet also promotes its functioning: eating vegetables in natural light, drinking water that does not contain heavy metals is perfect for nourishing and activating the pineal gland.


Foods stimulating the pineal gland

In the same state of mind, the consumption of flavor enhancers, dyes, additives, food preservatives, soft drinks or even fluoride, as well as excess red meat natively affect the pineal gland which could not work 100%.

Instead, turn to natural foods such as bananas, almonds, dates, plums, tomatoes, lentils, beans or even certain fatty fish such as salmon or sardines to help its proper development.

As much as the pineal gland needs light during the day, it needs darkness at night: indeed, during sleep, our brain secretes serotonin which plays a role in our moods as well as our well-being and our appetite.

This hormone is produced when the brain is at rest and if there is an imbalance in serotonin, there is a high risk of anxiety, fatigue, depression. Sleeping in a dark place, even in total darkness, helps to develop serotonin and therefore to make your pineal gland work.


Yoga practice for the pineal gland

Since time immemorial Yoga has been known as a natural method to activate the pineal gland. Kundalini Yoga focuses particularly on this effect, as does Hatha Yoga. But in fact, all styles of Yoga will awaken the epiphysis.

Yoga techniques act mainly on the endocrine system and all its glands: hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, thymus, ovaries, testicles…and the pineal. This is considered more “important” because it would be the “spiritual center” of the human body.


Yoga technics activating the pineal gland

Breathing exercises, specific movements, postures (asanas), relaxation, self-hypnosis, rituals (mudras), Yoga is in itself a toolbox to awaken consciousness. It mainly acts as a “cleanser” and this is where the benefits on the gland are felt. It is indeed not “activated” simply because it is dirty.

A regular practice of Yoga will bring you into a state of general well-being and activate all the endocrine glands. The benefits though are therefore beyond the properties of activating the pineal gland.

In Yoga, it is above all the meditation part that promotes the development of the pineal gland. Learning to meditate is therefore imperative if you want to work on this aspect. Indeed, in the West there are many dynamic “Yoga” but few emphasize the meditative part.

 Kundalini Yoga is a, if not “the” yoga style to practice that will really activate the pinael gland rapidly.



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