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“The highlight was the intensive week where we were able to dedicate ourselves completely to yoga in all its forms (breathing, meditation, postures, but also discussions on lifestyle, nutrition, etc.). This last theme was a great turning point for me in my life, thank you Cédric”

Marie-Gaëlle, September 2018

“Yoga saved my life!”

Life is only a combination of circumstances!

At the end of 2010, I am chronically tired, I have insomnia, I have no energy, no memory, I have problems with my intestines, in short, it is the total, the burn-out and worse I feel dead. So despite myself, I make the decision to leave my job, without knowing where to go, without security.

Six months later I found myself in Thailand and then India. I do an intensive Yoga training, without knowing what it is, by intuitive choice. I then understand many so-called “spiritual” experiences, which have brought me to where I am. Above all, I discover a tool that makes me feel good, Yoga. Physically it’s hard, I’m far from being in shape, but something is happening.

For the first time in my life, I find myself with caring people with whom I can communicate. My shyness and judgments have disappeared. I feel included, understood and despite the basic conditions of the ashram, I am in Heaven.

Back in Geneva, Yoga just becomes a “practice” that I follow in a very mechanical way, like brushing my teeth.

I’m not imposing anything on myself. Sometimes several days go by without Yoga. Then I feel the need to stretch, to breathe, to meditate…

From thread to thread, I develop a routine and then I start teaching. One class, two and then a lot!

As the years go by, I become the manager of several yoga studios. I still give classes but above all, I train future teachers. I also develop programs to help you find your way back to health, thanks to Yoga. Here I am 100% “yogi” and yet I have never been a fan or lover of this discipline!

Today, I am Yoga, I breathe it in, I live it… 24/24h. I am fascinated, in admiration of its simplicity and efficiency. I discover all its facets, like its rich philosophy. I’ve regained my health and much more: I feel better than when I was ten years old! All my incurable symptoms, allergies and company have completely disappeared. Of course, other principles have helped me, such as fasting and fruit, but for me, it is all part of Yoga.

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All our training courses are offered to people who wish to deepen their knowledge in order to teach or simply to perfect their personal practice.


Our group courses are offered at our studios Nations and Pâquis in downtown Geneva. Please book via our website to confirm your place.


March 8-18, 2020 – Ubud, Bali
10 days in paradise for a complete regeneration


Our specialists in coaching, hypnotherapy, and massage therapy are at your service to support you in establishing your quality lifestyle.


We offer you a wide variety of natural products for your daily needs. Coming from local sources, they are delivered quickly.

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