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Our premises and equipment are cleaned and maintained on a daily basis. We take the greatest care to keep our spaces organised, simple and serene.


Yoga and Pilates instruction are our instructors’ primary specialties. You’ll benefit from quality classes that bring you safety and techniques.


With groups of 7 to 10 people maximum, courses are quality and results oriented. With us, you progress at your own pace!


Registrations are made online and are customisable and on demand. You join any courses you want in studios of your choice. All courses are without levels and open to all.

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Well his head, good in his body!
Achieve harmony thanks to the two combined disciplines.

How does a course work?
By alternating yoga postures with pilates exercises we share together a dynamic, varied and fun session.

What will this course bring me?
An ideal way to manage stress
Develop physical qualities: strength, balance, coordination, breathing and endurance.
In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
A natural therapy to tone your body and mind.

Viniyoga emphasizes the adaptation or intensification of postures according to the needs and abilities of the person. The regulation and control of breathing are important aspects of Viniyoga. Special attention is also paid to the coordination of breathing with postural movements.

This form of yoga is suitable for students of all levels. All postures are adaptable, depending on the abilities and flexibility of the performer.

The Sensoria class is done with the eyes masked, with special music leading into a trance (binaural sound), accompanied by sounds of therapeutic gongs and bowls produced by the teacher.

All the rest of the course takes place in a “usual” way (breathing, sun salutation, asana, relaxation), with however a strong connection to oneself, a deep letting go. The postures are maintained, we go in and stay in meditation.

Anyone can practice this course, however beginners are advised to practice some standard Hatha lessons in order to learn the postures, to know the sequences.

Yoga class focused on the stimulation and awakening of Kundalini energy, through breathing exercises and powerful movements.

Each course has its own style and depends on the experience, character and practice of each instructor. 

​It’s difficult to give information on “what each course looks like.”

It’s crucial that you try them for yourself to see which environment suits you best

All instructors are fully competent, certified, motivated and committed.

If you still have questions about yoga, please consult our FAQs.

Otherwise, just come and practice!


Affordable for all !


Regular Prepaid Studio Classes

Special Memberships Students etc.

*Students + AVS (Old age and survivor insurance) + AC (Unemployment insurance))

Online Classes Prepaid

You can get your card directly from your account.

CASH and TRANSFERT payments are also accepted !



Quality above all !


All our instructors have undergone serious training. They are certified/graduated and train continually to improve their skills.


Our instructors’ years of experience and personal practice mean that they know their job inside out, and the results are clear.


Classes are delivered authentically, seriously, securely and with precision, but also and above all, with  humour, joy, letting go and enthusiasm.


Listening, sharing, attentive, calm, present, tender, kind—human values come first; all else is secondary.
Cédric Abeck
formation-yoga-geneve-cedricYoga is for me the essential tool for self-realization.

I teach with passion and only pass on what I have personally experienced.

I transmit in the traditional way, non-verbally, by example and practice. I am also your life coach, hypnotist and webmaster :).

Hatha Yoga, Power, Vinyasa, Meditation | fr, en
Deborah Williams
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Elena Sakharova

Elena Sakharova Yoga ColifeComing soon

Hatha Yoga  |  fr, en, ru
Jeanne von segesser
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Juliette Louwagie
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Sarah Jeanneret
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Anne Ploujoux
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Esther Fantys
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Yann Berner
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Stéphanie Ruiz
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Caroline Osinski
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Instructeur Yoga & Pilates  |  fr, sp,en
Romain Abeck
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Nadia Kornienko
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Jennifer Abeck
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Griselda Vergara
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Elena Barranco Moreno
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Recharge your batteries in a zen and warm atmosphere.

STUDIO NATIONS | Chemin des Colombettes 6, 1202 Geneva

Studio Yoga Geneve Nations | Entrance to the inner courtyard
Studio Yoga Geneve Nations | Yoga sala
Studio Yoga Geneve Nations | Changing rooms, Toilets & Showers
Our center is located in the inner courtyard and is not visible from the road. To find us, you have to go to the end of the hall between 6 and 8 and then turn right (the center is behind the bakery).

Public Transport
Bus 8, 11 or 22, MOTTA stop.

Blue and white squares all around the premises.



Do you have little time or special needs?

A private course allows you to progress at your own pace, faster and in a form just built for you..

Disciplines available: Yoga, Pilates, Qi Gong, Meditation.



The course is adapted directly to your needs and physical condition.


Your private sessions bring you real results, so you quickly reach your goals.


You plan when you want, at your own pace. The best way to practice healthily.
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